What’s AI Vision

Artificial Intelligence, a neural-like artificial network which first popular in 1980s, this requires a large amount of input data to teach the computer to determine, therefore requires a lot of computing resources. However, Ai Vision applies an artificial intelligence technology on images, allowing machine have more evolution learning method, and Ai computing power is greatly improved with no need of providing input huge database action.

Ai Vision can make interpretation through each image recognition, it can tell the computer what is correct, and after continuous learning and correction, the result of image recognition will be closed to the complete accuracy. Ai Vision has a wide range of applications, it can do a customized designs according to different industries. The Ai Vision image recognition system developed by eRaySecure is the top of many technologies in the market, helping manufacturers to get in the Industry 4.0 and leading to the industrialized automatic systems, make factories move forward into the intelligence, and improve the competitive advantage. The Ai Vision image recognition system is different from the former flat image recognition. Ai Vision uses multiple condition detection and 3D detection, combined with the latest artificial intelligence deep learning technology, and self-learning to adjust the image recognition to the highest accuracy. In addition, Ai Vision can also combine back-end PLC and ERP systems to produce the data reports to optimize production lines, improve efficiency, and reduce labor costs and management expenses.


Ai Vision image recognition can make different customized services according to the needs of the industry, with extremely high flexibility.


Ai Vision recognition server uses deep learning technology, it needs only few samples to determine a specific event or object. For example, the behavior of people in the picture, or the direction of the car, the flashing light, etc., However the more of samples giving, the higher of the accuracy of recognition will be.


It only needs to define clearly what is “normal” and what is “Anomaly”, and the Ai Vision recognition server can instantly determine what is anomaly, which is convenient for personnel to follow-up working process.


In case an abnormal situation or a pre-defined suspicious behavior is detected, the system can immediately alert through the CMS, allowing relevant personnel to deal with it in real time, and even help prevent the occurrence of regrets during the critical period.

Integrate Existing Systems

As the brain of the monitor, Ai Vision only needs to connect to the back-end system to make an immediately and correct respondence. We can transmit the calculating result to the back-end alarm system or let the system respond automatically to the control system which can reduce the Manpower.